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    How Your Perfectionism Is Holding You Back!

    Ways to overstep illusions and take your career to the next level.

    Are you frustrated? Taking too long to perfect that full set?  Not getting repeat clients or just barely making ends meet? Sign up online to hear Naja’s interesting spin on how your addiction to being perfect is the very thing that's in the way of your success.  Learn how to break these barriers and truly excel working practically, economically and from the heart rather than the head. Whether you are a nail or hair stylist, barber or make-up artist; if you're perfectionism is getting in the way of succeeding this class will help.

    Class will cover:

    • Timing - What services require what time
    • Breaking the illusions of "perfect"
    • The psychology of true customer service
    • Practical, real world techniques to be YOU......not perfect


     All are welcome to join. Easy to join via computer, mobile device or telephone. Simple instructions sent enrollment/payment.

    EMAIL najazone@gmail.com for INVITE to  NEXT CLASS DATE