$175.00 $125.00

    Empowering Workshops for Beauty Professionals   via zoom

    Monday October 23, 2022
    8 AM - 11:00 AM - PST 

    Spend some time with Auntie Naja, as she dishes up Beauty Gems and the BUSINESS KNOW-HOW you need to succeed and the skills necessary to be able to earn/maintain consistent cash flow in this magnificent billion dollar industry of BEAUTY!

    Whether you are

    • a nail stylist
    • hair stylist
    • barber
    • make-up artist
    • lash artist
    • esthetician

    and the remaining beauty artists or member of the Glam Squad this workshop will empower, inspire and ignite your business. We will expand your mind, increase your business chops while giving you the TOOLS necessary for success.
    Many artists have phenomenal talent and with constant practice and implementation will be able to  master any technique, yet when it comes to the technique of MARKETING and Money Mastery skills, many lack and/or shy away from these principles. There  are also those of us who simply -were never shown. In other words, we just don't know.
    Naja was in the latter category. So she completely understands you. She is now thrilled to share all that she has learned (the hard knock life way) in this powerful workshop.Come learn the tips, tricks, & secrets of having a successful beauty career.

    You will leave with a renewed sense in YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS.

    This is not a motivational class- although you will be motivated!!

    It is a business changing workshop.

    It's a mind expanding workshop.

    A workshop is a safe space to explore ideas, release old patterns and bring about real change with consistency and implementation. 


    Monday September 23, 2022

    8 AM - 11:00 AM   PST 
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    The absolute FOUNDATIONS that are essential to SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS. They're truly the seeds, in which if watered, will flourish and create abundance (for years to come) out of your craft. You can build an empire of wealth with your own two hands. That is power!!
    • INCOME/OUT GO : knowing the exact flow of money coming in & going out. getting clear on expenses/spending/earning
    • ROI : investing in supplies/business expenses wisely. Spend like the wealthy
    • MANAGING MONEY/SETTING GOALS : the secret to money- is having some:) the single thing to do to increase revenue
    • MARKETING ESSENTIALS : both digital & community outreach

     Nail Art. Her work has been in countless magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone and Vibe along with multiple music videos and appearances on her clients such as Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Kanye West & Katy Perry. She is a seasoned salon owner, published writer and holds a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for doing the most amount of polish changes in an 8hr period. (she did 69 clients).

    When Naja realized she was actually making a living by painting nails she was elated that she was a painter and not a starving artists. She was actually making money with art.

    She does more than hope every beauty artists achieves this. She demands it:) She exclaims, "YOU CAN DO IT! IF I CAN DO IT- YOU CAN DO IT!" period.